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All handouts and videos distributed for our use against this regional plan can be found in LINKS and DOCUMENTS.  I created a CHATTANOOGA REGIONAL PLAN category in the LINKS and DOCUMENTS area.  The Greater Chattanooga Regional Growth Plan and the Chattanooga Climate Action Plan can be found at the bottom of this page.

"Regionalism must precede Globalism. We foresee a seamless system of governance from local communities, individual states, regional unions and up through to the United Nations itself."  UN Commission on Global Governance  (conspiracy theory or conspiracy fact…….you decide) 

16 County Regional Growth Plan has a new website - visit often (1-15-13)


This website has a short survey.  Be sure to fill it out and be sure to put emphasis on you like things just the way they are.  We do not want any further infringement on our rights as property owners by the implementation of more unconstitutional zoning and regulation.  We do not live for the common good or the collective.  That is Communism. We live as free individuals with unalienable rights from God.  We are tired of the government overreach dictating how and where we will live.  Relinquishing even the smallest of freedom for safety and security guarantees you will have neither. 

July 27, 2012 Article in the Times Free Press

In this article you will hear it from their lips.  "City, County, State lines don't mean nothin" 

40 yr. Growth Plan/16 counties/3 states

This section of my website will be reserved for information about the 40 yr. growth plan.  This plan will affect the following counties/states:

TN - Bledsoe, Bradley/Cleveland, Hamilton/Chattanooga, McMinn, Meigs, Marion, Polk, Rhea, Sequatchie

GA - Catoosa, Dade, Murray, Walker, Whitfield/Dalton

AL - Dekalb, Jackson

Please check out this website often.  It will contain information about the plan and scheduled meeting.  Funny, when you look at any growth plan in any other county or state they all say the same thing.  We are ALL going to experience massive population growth.  What makes this even less believable is the population growth of legal residents of the US is declining.  Maybe they should be looking at the immigration problem which is the largest contribution to our growth.  Reduce immigration and control illegal immigration and that alone will address the any growth issues.

Our Growth Plan Website

Chattanooga-Hamilton Co. Regional Planning Agency


11-22-11 McBride Dale Clarion wins contract for the latest assault on Americans freedom

We all knew this would be the group that won the contract for their newest assault on Americans and their right to live as a free people and to manage their property.  They have a history of regional Sustainable Development (Agenda 21) planning across America.  

This group is responsible for some of the most devastating Smart Growth plans in America:

BCC2035 Joint Strategic Plan (Bradley Co. TN - citizens prevented this plan from being passed but now Bradley Co. will be included in the 16 County 40 yr. Growth Plan)

Bay Area, CA Bay Area Regional Smart Growth Strategy (CA),

Salt Lake Region, Utah Envision Utah 

South Louisiana, Louisiana Spekas Regional Vision

Memphis, TN Memphis-Shelby County Long Range Transportation Plan, Travel Demand Modeling

Central Region, TX Envision Central Texas

Wake County, NC Comprehensive Growth Management Strategy

Beaufort County, SC Regional Plans 

US EPA - Rural Smart Growth Codes; Low Impact Development-Green/in-frastructure Water Quality Impact Tool

US DOT - The Interagency Transportation, Land Use, and Climate Change Pilot Project 

Greater Chattanooga Regional Growth Plan Initiative - Request for Proposal

Chattanooga Final Climate Action Plan (Final plan used by Chattanooga)


This plan comes right and says they are supporting the Kyoto Protocol.  The US does not support the Kyoto Protocol so why is Chattanooga supporting it?  Why does Chattanooga and Hamilton County work with ICLEI? They both are dues paying members of ICLEI.  This affiliation answers many questions.

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