"The short memories of American voters is what keeps our politicians in office" Will Rogers

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The current formula (U3) used to calculate the unemployment rate shared with the public does NOT count people collecting unemployment after 12 months?  Not sure about you but to me if someone is still collecting an unemployment check after 12 months they are still unemployed.  The last time I checked the unemployment rate counting these people the rate was 17.1%.  This formula was ok to use when Bush was President because we did not have people on unemployment more than 12 months but under Obama the formula should be changed to include ALL people collecting an une

ONE of the ways we are funding our enemies

The largest transfer of wealth ever recorded in the entire world has been our purchase of oil from Islamic nations. ALL money that is received by Islamic nations MUST be processed according to the Koran under Sharia law. What does that mean?  Well,  up to 6% off the top MUST go toward charity.  Not Good Will or Salvation Army, but Islamic charities like Hamas, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood, etc, etc.....essentially we have been financing both sides of our wars, terrorist attacks currently referred to as "man made disasters".  How do you think a congregation of less than 100 blue collar workers pays $700,000 in cash for land  in 3 months to build a mosque costing additional millions of dollars cash???  This massive dependency is obvious in more places than at the gas pump.  Sharia law is already in our government (federal, state & local), in our schools, and in our courts!  We have literally fueled our enemy, and he is winning - but only IF we continue to remain silent.. 

Congress is becoming irrelevant

Congress has 60 days to override an Executive Order.  Why have they not exercised that right under the Obama administration???  Why have they not started impeachment proceedings against a President that is: 1. Not a natural born citizen 2. has broken his oath of office 3. declared war on Libya without Congressional approval 4. has spoken out against his own country and sues our states for trying to do the job he refuses to do.  Just a few reminders of how Congress is failing us.  

Agenda 21 Coming to a Neighbor Near YOU!!!

If your city or county commission has become a member of ICLEI then you are on the path to helping implement the UN Agenda 21.  It will not be called Agenda 21 at a local level.  As a matter of fact ICLEI advises members of not calling it Agenda 21 so to avoid public backlash.  They instruct members to label the program something warm and fuzzy like Smart Growth, Sustainable Development, Smart Grid, Pathways.  But believe me if your city or county is a member of ICLEI then you are implementing Agenda 21 in your neighborhood.  What is Agenda 21???  Go to LINKS and do your research.  After you are done if you are enraged and afraid you should be.  Agenda 21's end game is to reduce the world population by 80% (this will be accomplished with rationed health care.....Obamacare, forced abortion and sterilization, reduced family size).  There will be no property ownership, no automobiles, no rural living.  You will all be herded to communities with high rises where you will work, live and die.  It is the ultimate Communist plan to control everything on a world scale.  Redistribution of all resources and people.  Get involved in your local government and find out what is happenig.  Carroll County, MD County Commissioners just removed their county from ICLEI.  Agenda 21 was passed by Bill Clinton using Executive Order because he could not get it passed by his Congress.  Last time I looked an EO to bind the USA to a UN Treaty was a breach of the Constitution.  But it is moving forward reqardless.  

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