"The short memories of American voters is what keeps our politicians in office" Will Rogers

Agenda 21 Legislation

This section of my website will be maintained to keep members up to date on what states have submitted legislation against Agenda 21.  I will post an update on all bills as they move through the process.  This way we will have a library of bills that have passed and in affect and bills that were submitted but did not pass.  I have also included legislation submitted to stop the forced installation of Smart Meters.

As of September 19, 2012 to following states have notified me that bills will be submitted:

Alabama - SB477 became affective as of August 1, 2012. AL is the first state in world to pass a bill against Agenda 21.  I pray they are not the last. Here is a copy of the AL bill.  Alabama SB477 05/16/12

Florida - FL has a draft bill.  They have a Representative and a Senator that has committed to sponsor the bill. Here is a copy of the draft bill.   FL Draft Agenda 21 Bill   (Karen S.)  These bills never made it to committee.

Tennessee - has a House Representative sponsor and is currently with our state legal department.  Tennessee passed a state resolution in the House and Senate in the 2012 only to have the Governor refuse to sign it.  This was the only resolution Governor Haslam refused to sign.  We are not surprised.  While Gov. Haslam was Mayor of Knoxville he brought ICLEI to Knoxville.  (Tricia S.)  HB0109  TN has a property rights bill!!! The House bill is sponsored by Rep. Sheila Butt.   Our Senate Sponsor is Senator Mike Bell  SB1014  These bills never even made it to committee.  They legislators succumbed to pressure.

 Georgia - a draft bill is being created (Janna L.)

Texas -  TX is considering a bill.  There are several patriots from TX working with Reps and Senators in TX to get a bill passed in 2013.  (Devvy/Deborah W.)

Oklahoma - OK Senator Patrick Anderson has sponsored  OK SB23  (Shelly K.)  HB1412 passed 67-12 on 3-13-13.  Bill died in Senate due to threats made by leader of Tea Party….what an absolute idiot.  

Minnesota -  Central Minnesota Tea Party is working with Senator David Brown to create Agenda 21 legislation (Jim R.)

Washington State - WA has a Representative committed to getting an Agenda 21 bill written (Rene H.) WA State has 3 bills that attack the assault on property rights.  HB1164 Protects against International Law  on american property rights, HB1165 A21 bill this bill closely replicates the AL bill and THE one to watch, HB1167  This bill repeals existing code that infringes on property rights in WA State.

Pennsylvania - PA has shown interest.  All needed information has been sent.  (Paula) 

Ohio - Our Agenda 21 Today state leader from Ohio is working on getting a bill written for OH (Bob S.) 

Indiana - One of our members was told "you put a bill on my desk and I will sign it"  so I think we can safely assumer we WILL see a signed bill from IN. Update 1-7-13:  Indiana has a bill HB1021( Susan C.)  Nothing has happened with this bill as of 7-3-13

Virginia - Cooperative Legislative Action VA TP Federation is working on an Agenda 21 bill (Carol S.) Carol informed me today (10/20/12) that Representative Danny Marshall will sponsor the bill for VA.  They are using the Michigan bill and they are looking to use the Michigan Smart Meter OPT IN bill too.  1-15-13 VA sent me a copy of their bill.  HB2223   Tabled by voice vote

In November 2012 Virginia added a new amendment to their state constitution to protect private property rights. 

Michigan - On July 18, 2012 HB5785 was introduced to the Michigan House.  Attached please find a copy of HB5785  Michigan HB5785  If you want to monitor the progress click here  Track HB5785   (Larry L.)

Nebraska - House Bill against Agenda 21 (Bryan J. V.) LB 482

Missouri - (Stacy S.)  HB0042I Passed House and Senate May, 2013.  Gov. vetoed on July 1, 2013.  

Arizona - Agenda 21 This bill was dropped on Friday, February 15 and passed through its first committee on Monday, February 18.  WOW Arizona is serious.  SB1403 March 22, 2013 bill passed in Senate 16-13




California - CA will not be pursuing an Agenda 21 bill.  A21 has so deeply infiltrated the state a bill will do little good until many of the destructive legislation has been repealed.  And unless CA gets a conservative Governor this will never happen.  I am going to still hope that someone will step up and at least try getting a bill written 

New Jersey - Maybe but leadership in the state of NJ is too progressive (Shely K.)

Maryland - Not at this time - Governor is pushing Agenda 21 big time  (Grant H.)


Michigan - HB5411  Here is the link to the bill and you will be able to track the progress from this link as well.    Michigan Smart Meter Bill

Tennessee - No bill yet but several legislators are working on an OPT IN bill  HB373  SB283

Virginia - Pending legislation 2013  SB797